How I Became a World Explorer

Gagago Founder

It All Began with a Connecting Flight!

My first two international trips were to Paris with my sisters. During our second visit, we spent the entire summer in Paris studying French and also took a short trip to London. These experiences sparked my love for travel, but my journey into becoming a world explorer truly began a couple years later.

While still in university in Brazil, I spent a summer working abroad, which only made me want to travel even more. However, it was after graduation that I saw a golden opportunity to take a gap year. This was my chance to explore the world without the immediate pressure of returning home.

During my travels, I decided to visit my sister who was living in Switzerland. Interestingly, the cheapest flight option to visit her had a layover in a country with a magical destination I had dreamed of visiting ever since I saw a picture online: Cappadocia, Turkey.

Intrigued, I realized that I could book two separate flights, making a 10-day stopover in Turkey, for the same price as the direct flight. Despite my initial fear—Turkey sounded so exotic and far away—I decided to take the leap. I chose 10 days because it seemed like the minimum amount of time to comfortably explore both Istanbul and Cappadocia. It was a manageable duration for my budget, and I figured if I ended up not liking it, 10 days would be bearable.

Knowing I’d see my sister after 10 days provided some comfort. So, with a mix of excitement and apprehension, I embarked on this 10-day adventure in Turkey.

Those 10 days turned out to be life-changing. I checked out the busy streets of Istanbul, took in the history I only knew from books, and was amazed by the landscapes of Cappadocia. The hot air balloon rides, ancient cave houses, and super friendly locals were magical. By the end of my stay, I wished I could stay longer. This experience opened my eyes to the wonders of the world and the the excitement of diving into the unknown. I met new people, learned about different cultures, and saw how amazing the world truly is.

After Turkey, my newfound confidence led me to travel solo to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, across Asia, South America, and many other incredible destinations. Each new country and culture I visited fueled my excitement and curiosity. My desire to explore was bigger than my fear, and it inspired me to continue seeking out new adventures.

This transformative experience made me wish there was a smarter way to connect with other travelers who shared my interests and passions. Sure, you could meet people in hostels or on other apps, but I didn’t want to spend time scrolling through profiles of people who had nothing in common with me. That’s how Gagago was born. After my global adventures, I created a smart platform for travelers to connect based on shared hobbies and interests, eliminating endless scrolling. Gagago ensures that everyone I see is interested in at least one of the four destinations I choose or shares at least one hobby with me in my current location. Additionally, to prevent spam and unwanted messages, the app incorporates a mutual connection acceptance feature.

I also struggled to find organized trips that offered the unique experiences I craved. Most travel companies didn’t align with my adventurous spirit or the specific activities I enjoyed. This led me to start organizing itineraries and group trips, ensuring that each adventure is tailored to provide the most enriching and exciting experiences to the standards of a well-traveled person like me.

On this blog space, I invite you to share your own travel stories, tips, and itineraries. Let’s create a valuable resource for everyone who loves to travel but might not know where to start.

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Happy travels!

Jessica Sales

Founder of Gagago