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Would you travel more often if you had friends to travel with? If yes, then you have just found your tribe! Welcome to Gagago, a simple yet brilliant app that lets you connect with a community of fellow travelers from around the world, who share the same interests as you.


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Whether you are looking for a travel buddy to take that dream trip or make new friends to explore your city and enjoy local activities together, Gagago is the place to be. With nearly 100 travel destinations and 60+ activities anxiously awaiting your arrival, you should probably start packing!


What are you waiting for?

Gagago’s mission is to provide a safe and easy to use app for solo travelers, city newcomers, and native locals who want to expand their social circles and experience new adventures with like-minded people. Based on shared interests and that desire to travel, Gagago is designed to make solo travel an option and not your first or only choice.

How It Works

Create Your Profile

This includes your photos, bio and preferences.

Choose Your Interests

You can change these at any time, as often as you like.

Discover Other Users

Browse to see users who have at least one interest in common.

Make Friends

Click the globe icon to like each other and make a connection.

Chat Anytime!

Plan your trip or hangout and have the time of your life!

Rate & Review

Rate and share your experience with fellow travelers.


Why Gagago?

Why Gagago?

Gagago is here to bring people together for a shared and fun experience. The app is created with safety in mind and completely customizable to your interests, all at a moment’s notice. If your plans change, just modify your filters, anywhere, anytime. The double opt in feature ensures that only members that you liked back can contact you.

The best place to meet new people, Gagago is an app for all travel types – backpackers, bucket listers, low and high end budgets, adventurous explorers, knowledge seekers, long and short term trippers and the list really does go on.

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